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Top 10 CDN Providers

Here is a list of top providers of CDN:-

1. Akamai

Akamai is known globally to speed up networks and connections. They have a strong infrastructure to speed up sites and make things better for online users. Of course, this company works with big brands and large business in general.
It is the leading CDN provider, which helps webmasters maintain a fast webpage loading by distributing content from locations close to the readers. It delivers excellent website performance for highly interactive content, including HTML, CSS, audio, graphics, animation, and video by transparently mirroring content. Besides, it delivers secure online date transfer through SSL-content protection, thus reducing the risk of load-based online attacks.

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What is CDN (Content Delivery Networks) ?

Lets try to understand CDN by an example:

When we type in a web address like, our browser is actually asking Google’s servers to send back all of the resources needed to display that page. That includes things like the code to position search results, to manage what happens when you run a new query and whatever the latest flavor of their logo is. All of those things have to be downloaded over wires that can run for quite a long distance. A CDN is a transparent way to physically move many of the resources of a webpage closer to our computer.

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Merry Christmas & Prosperous Happy New Year

Performance will not cost you a bomb with our Festive Server Plans! These plans are designed to suit your requirements, with bundling of various flavors of Web Hosting, Re-seller Hosting & VPS.

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Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall (WAF) is the firewall which filter, Monitor and blocks the HTTP traffic to and from the web application. WAF is different from the system regular firewall because regular firewall provides the safety gates between the server while the WAF filter the content of the web application. It protect the web application by controlling the input and output and access to and from the web application. When we apply WAF on any web application it inspect every HTML, HTTPS, SOAP and XML data packet. Basically WAF is used to prevent from the HTTP attacks such as cross site scripting(xss), sql injection etc.

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Top 10 Web Browsers

1. Google Chrome Today, Google Chrome has become the most used web browsers in the world. Google Chrome was released in the year 2008 as a freeware that was written in C++. The browser is known for its performance, ease of use, syncing with Google database, security, great support for WebKit, HTML5, CSS3, and other […]

Top 10 FTP Client Software

1. Filezilla FileZilla is a multi-platform FTP Client that is available for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. It offers support for FTP, FTPS and SFTP and IPv6 as well.

Web Server installation in Redhat OS / CentOS

A web server is a computer system that processes requests via HTTP, the basic network protocol used to distribute information on the World Wide Web. The web server may be a entire system or may a software that serves the http requests.

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SSH (Secure Shell) installation in Redhat OS / CentOS

SSH is a program for logging into a remote machine and for executing commands on a remote machine. It provide secure encrypted communications between two untrusted hosts over an insecure network.

It connects and logs into the specified hostname.

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Permissions in linux

Permission Groups

There are three user based permission groups for each file and directory:-

  1.  Owner(u) – The owner permissions apply only the owner of the file and directory.
  2.  Group(g) – The group permissions apply only to the group that has been assigned to the file and directory.
  3.  All users(o) – The all user permissions apply to all the users on the system.

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How to add and delete a user in linux ?

To add a user in linux:-

# useradd <user-name>

This command is used to add a user in linux. A root user is the superuser in the linux. So a root user only have the right to add another user. Another user can only add a user if the root user give access to do it so.

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Basic commands in Linux

1) touch <filename>

This command is used to create a file in linux.


2) cat <filename>

This command is used to open a file in linux.

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Sharing Files Without Using Mobile Data

Now a days lots and lots of data is generated and with the use of android phones the life of people is easier. They now can easily connect to internet these days. With the use of android phones, for each and every use apps are created and to download the apps mobile data is being used. There a thousand of users which are using low data plans because of money problem or may be do not have data. So the question arries that how can they share their files or apps to their friends or relatives if they do not have mobile data?

To overcome this problem, particular apps are created which uses wifi to share your data without using mobile data.

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Wireless Charging Technology / Inductive Charging Technology

The Wireless Charging (also known as Inductive Charging) is now-a-days a new trending technology. Many companies are offering wireless gadgets which offer good performance.

The Wireless Charging uses electromagnetic to safely transfer power from transmitting host to the recieving device for the purpose of charging a battery.

Wireless charging is based on the principle of magnetic resonance, or Inductive Power Transfer (IPT). This is the process of transferring an electrical current between two objects through the use of coils to induce an electromagnetic field.

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What is Linux ?

Linux is the most powerful and popular OS in the world. It is a open source source software. The code used to create linux is free and also available to view, edit and especially for the users who have appropriate skills can contribute to it. It is widely used in the IT industry these days. It provides better security with respect to other OS in the market. Linux runs on most of the devices in the world. The chances of getting virus in the linux OS is very less as compared to other OS such as Windows or MAC.

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Application pool in IIS

It defines a group of one or more worker processes, configured with common settings that serve requests applications that are assigned to that application pool. It allow a set of Web applications to share one or more similarly configured worker processes and provide a convenient way to isolate a set of Web applications from other set of Web applications on the server computer. In it there is are process boundaries which separate each worker process and because of this reason application problems in one application pool do not affect Web sites or applications in other application pools.

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