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Use full app for android

Colorfit The color fit is an Android App that has been active since 2016.This interactive app takes you on a ramble through a secret scene created in the drawing. The world of the Color fit is both inspirational and beautiful. In this special world of color and beauty, every drawing is given life and joyfulness. […]

Application for Documents managment

Onenote OneNet provides a managed infrastructure and application delivery platform for you to run your software applications from. Your software applications are enabled on infrastructure within OneNet’s data centers.

Easy access to USB accessories

Mini Fridge The USB Mini Fridge you can keep a cool beverage ready to drink at all times. Its built-in cooling plate quickly drops to its lowest operating temperature within five minutes after being plugged in.Compact and portable USB refrigerator can be used in your cubicle, home, office, bedroom or garage.

Smart phone Application

Snappea Snappea controls the content of your mobile device from your computer. This can be useful for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that you can transfer files from your phone to your computer. This is useful for capturing and sharing photos and video, backing up texts, and importing music and […]

Special Speakers for Travelers

Bass Tards & Treble Maker Bose speaks a great sound in the speaker. From Bose 3, you can listen to music from 12 hours to 13 hours on Single Recharges. There is a USB port in it for software updates, it has an option for car charger, as well as an option like Bluetooth, Aux […]

Search by image

yandex yandex is a Russia-based search provider technology company and operates the large search engine. this is launched the service in 1997.You can upload photos from the computer and get more information about it. The image can also be searched for file type (JPG, GIF, PNG etc.) and size.

You Can Make Your Home Techno Home

Griffin PowerDock 5 PowerDock 5 is a space-saving charger station for countertop or desktop.This is an easy way to charge 5 iOS devices in less space at the same time from a single power source. No doubpt it is the perfect charging solution for home and small office. PowerDock 5 gives each tablet its own […]

Special Gadgets Making Life Easy

HDMI Switcher Today the number of HDMI sources is increasing But TV has 2 or 4 HDMI inputs Available, If your TV on the wall, It is a complextask to switch inputs again and again. It can take an HDMI switch for This. It is so slim that you can also set it under the […]

cPanel/WHM Locations of Logs

cPanel Logs Description Location Access logs and user actions /usr/local/cpanel/logs/access_log Account transfers and misc. logs /var/cpanel/logs Auditing log (account creations, deletions, etc) /var/cpanel/accounting.log Backup logs /usr/local/cpanel/logs/cpbackup Brute force protection (cphulkd) log /usr/local/cpanel/logs/cphulkd.log Cpanel dnsadmin dns clustering daemon /usr/local/cpanel/logs/dnsadmin_log Cpanel taskqueue processing daemon /usr/local/cpanel/logs/queueprocd.log DBmapping /usr/local/cpanel/logs/setupdbmap_log EasyApache build logs /usr/local/cpanel/logs/easy/apache/ Error log /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log Installation log /var/log/cpanel […]

How To Search The Best Keywords

Keywords is a collection of words or phrase. It is very important part of any business. Where your customer find your products or services using your keywords. Unique keywords can be brand of any business. Like as a Google, Doodle, Facebook, Microsoft this is a brand name of companies. And using this type of unique […]

Website Hosting Company in Banswara

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Difference between the Public Cloud vs Private Cloud

A Public is a shared server that is open and is provided on a pay-per-use basis. It is a shared hosting infrastructure. This system provides storage and bandwidth based on the business’s needs. However, the ease of use is limited to the number of people and businesses that are making use of the Public Cloud […]

Website Hosting Company in Bharatpur

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Website Hosting Company in Jhodhpur

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Google permit a new url to submit and indexing your url

Recently google updates its SERP results . For seo masters a new updates when indexing your new url to google . it shows in search engine result pages. Recently google confirmed mostly url is not indexing because web crawlers checks your pages & its working of algorithms. now google monthly changes her google algorithms & […]