Easy access to USB accessories

Mini Fridge

The USB Mini Fridge you can keep a cool beverage ready to drink at all times. Its built-in cooling plate quickly drops to its lowest operating temperature within five minutes after being plugged in.Compact and portable USB refrigerator can be used in your cubicle, home, office, bedroom or garage.

Vaccum Cleaner

A full-size vacuum cleaner can damage the keyboard. you can easily use a USB vacuum cleaner in the hand. This USB vacuum cleaner to clean off the dust from those corners and edges of monitors, keyboards, in between areas of cooling fan air vents and other desktop spaces.you get attachments such as tubes and brushes.

Mug warmer

USB Mug Warmer is a great way to heat coffee, tea or drinks. Simply plug it into a spare USB port on your computer and the mug warmer will keep your beverage at the optimum operating temperature for as long as you care to leave it. This device is ergonomically designed and portable.

USB hub

This Technotech 4 Port USB Hub is a great choice to extend USB capabilities to your PC. With this handy USB Hub, you can connect various USB devices for enhanced interface data transfer. With this port hub, upgrade your PC or laptop and get additional utility, especially when you use multiple peripherals like a microphone, mouse, keyboard, printer, and webcam that run on USBs.

Paper shredder

Most offices use paper There may be many troubles in tearing paper several times, in such a way, you can use Paper Shredder And this can destroy sensitive information such as bank statements, credit card alerts, and pin can destroy the paper with this USB power charger.It is ideal to manage all the waste, useless documents finding a clear and secure trash.

Foldable keyboard

The Foldable Keyboard is the perfect travel companion, its ultra thin, lightweight, compact design lets you take you anywhere so that you can work more on your tablet or smartphone, where you go. You can enjoy comfortable typing. It has 104 buttons in it. You can roll it easily. This is water and dust proof is made of this keyboard button and base material silicone.


Available at low cost for use at home or in office. USB microscopes are handheld and powerful home and office accessories that come in handy in many ways. They are perfect for research, for instance. Instead of carrying a bulky light and electricity-powered microscope during your field trips, buy a convenient USB powered one. Most models are light and portable. They are also easier to use and compatible with most brands of computers.

Air conditioner

USB Air Conditioner provides strong cooling, the wind through adjustable double vents, and works on USB or battery power. It also has a bead box into which you can add water or ice for cooler wind, or add a scent to deodorize the air when it’s switched on. Suitable for use at home and workplace.

Fish Quarium

This aquarium is easy-to-use fish tank captures harmony and serenity with great visibility and a modern design. We offer this tank in various sizes at industry leading rates. It is not only a dual compartment desk organizer but also has LED Light, Clock and also it manages your stationary on your desk. Making your help in organizing your desk and keeping it tidy.