Google permit a new url to submit and indexing your url

Recently google updates its SERP results . For seo masters a new updates when indexing your new url to google . it shows in search engine result pages. Recently google confirmed mostly url is not indexing because web crawlers checks your pages & its working of algorithms. now google monthly changes her google algorithms & updates in search engine result pages.

Google now confirmed when we submitted our new url to google indexing . its not confirmed its will be indexing or not . web crawlers is updates her serp result pages or not . but update his algorithms & its clear when you submit a url google indexing within few weeks your indexing page is shown in serp result pages. there are many hug of data stores in database of google & its working on good content & back links is work in SEO terms.

First spotted by search engine land the moutain view” search in google result pages is shown in ” submit url to google”, the same line along “Url submission google” . The dedicated url is shown within recaptcha.

Source:- Searchengineland