Google updates New Google Sign in- Page

Google updates in its new Google sign in- page. Recently I opened my Gmail account then I found a new look way is opened. it is more attractive, simple and easy to use.

It’s working in the same old way. It’s only changed in design. The steps of Google sing in are same. Its work as same in old sign inversion. Enter your email id and password. It’s working same as an old Google sing –in the page. Google updates its all products in a couple of months. The new attraction, looks provides to users with more secure. Recently, I open my Gmail account. Then I found my Gmail page has changed and new shaver look is shown here. I noticed there is no image is show like as an old version.

Google provides more secure and easier sign to your Google account. Google sing-in functionality is working same as an old Gmail account.

Why the page changed.

  • 1. New Sign-in page is simpler, cleaner look.
  • 2. Makes the sign –in process faster.
  • 3. It is consistent across computers, tablets, phones etc.
  • 4. Attractive to users & manage good security. Easy to understand all process is old working only Designing is changed.