What is SAN Storage ???

A storage area network (SAN) is a secure high-speed data transfer network that provides access to consolidated block-level storage.
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Difference between SAN and NAS

Network Attached Storage (NAS) has been used to refer to file storage over a protocol like NFS (Network File System) or SMB (Microsoft’s file sharing protocol). These protocols know about things like directory structure and files.

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Cheap Linux VPS hosting In India

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, in this type of web hosting we create separate virtual servers by Virtualization technology such.
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Linux Malware Detect (LMD)

Linux Malware Detect (LMD) is a malware scanner for Linux released under the GNU GPLv2 (free, open source) license, this is designed around the threats faced in shared hosted environments.
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What is DD Command ?

DD is a command-line utility for Unix and Unix-like operating systems where the primary purpose is to copy a file and converting the format of the data during the process.

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Domain Name ?

In short, It is your website name. Which address where Internet users can access your website.

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HTML is a language to create an application or website. It is the short form of Hypertext markup language.

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How to protect our computer from viruses ?

1. Keep your computer updated

When Microsoft and Apple release updates for our computer, they include security updates to keep up with the latest viruses and hacking tools. A simple process like accepting an update on our computer can actually make it less susceptible to both viruses and hackers.

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How to protect our mobile phones from viruses ?

1. Beware of fake download buttons

These can turn up anywhere, but generally we’ll find them on download sites. We can guarantee there will be a download button that isn’t the one you want to click. The result can be that you downloaded something you don’t want possibly malware, although often simply bad software.

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How to select the best CMS for our hosted website


Our website hosting environment can introduce specific requirements or limitations into the selection process. For example, we may only be able to host within a LAMP stack environment which requires a PHP based CMS, while some organizations are only able or willing to host in a Microsoft-based IIS environment, which would prefer a .NET based CMS solution.

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Unified Thread Management (UTM)

What is UTM ??

Unified threat management (UTM) is a solution in the network security industry, and since 2004 it has gained currency as a primary network gateway defense solution for organizations.

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3 Most easy-to-use tools that can encrypt our data on linux

1. GNU Privacy Guard

GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) is actually an open-source implementation of Pretty Good Privacy(PGP). While we can install the command line version on some operating systems, most people choose from the dozens of frontends and grafphical interfaces for it, including the official releases that can encrypt everything from email to ordinary files to entire volumes.
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What is the Seo ?

The seo means is search engine optimization. Any blog or website want to show of in public.

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Web Hosting

If you are interested to start your website business then you need a good web hosting to hold of connectivity of server and traffic of customers.Web hosting work as trick to spread of business. Now we explains you how to get web hosting.

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Types of Web Hosting

There are a number of different ways that website hosting can be done. Which type of hosting will be best for your site its depend on it size and complexity. but it is important that you know what sort of website you want to create before you start making any major decisions. As technology has different types of web hosting available:

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Exim Mail queue commands

1) /usr/sbin/exim -M email-id

This command is used to forcefully delivery of one message in a queue. This situation arrices when an urrgent message want to be send but due to long queue is takes time then with this exim command we can send one message forcefully in exim server.

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Cloud Server Vs Dedicated Server

Cloud Server

Cloud Server is actually a virtual real time environment hosted by multiple connected server all at once.Cloud servers can be configured to provide levels of performance, security and control. As compared to dedicated server which is hosted on the physical hardware the cloud server is hosted on the visualized environment.In cloud server you only pay for the exact amount of server spaced used. Its a great option for businesses that need to optimize IT performance without spending huge amount on purchasing the IT infrastructure.

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Benifits of VPS Hosting

Over the past Few years, Virtual Private Servers Hosting has become extremely popular. Virtualization technologies increase in performance and functionality, and its continue to increase more and more popular. There are a number of reasons why an organization would choose to host their website or application on a VPS. Here are some reasons why VPS Hosting will only continue to get more popular.

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Dedicated Server vs Virtual Private Server

Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are often the fastest and most powerful servers, though some of the high-end VPS options can give the lower performing dedicated servers a value for their money. The point is that dedicated servers really occupy the upper layer of the web hosting , and are typically priced accordingly. There are a few benefits to selecting dedicated servers, some of which may or may not be available on some VPS solutions.
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What is the difference between a managed and unmanaged switch?

Unmanaged Switches

In scenarios where the network traffic is light, all that is required is a way for the data to pass from one device to another. In this case there is no need for prioritizing the packets, as all the traffic will flow unorderedly. An unmanaged switch will fill this need without issues. A switch is not a hub. Hubs were a predecessor to switches and provide a similar but less-capable function.

An unmanaged switch allows Ethernet devices to communicate with one another automatically using auto-negotiation to determine parameters such as the data rate and whether to use half-duplex or full-duplex mode.

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Reseller Hosting vs Virtual Private Server

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is similar to shared hosting with one major difference that it have a dashboard to manage multiple single accounts. This means with a reseller hosting account, we can create multiple shared hosting plans and use a single dashboard (WHM) to manage them. As you add more & more websites, we can split each website onto its own cPanel account that has its own login username & password, email accounts and most importantly, its own resources.

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What are VLANS ?

VLAN’s allow a network manager to logically segment a LAN into different broadcast domains. Since this is a logical segmentation and not a physical one, workstations do not have to be physically located together. Users on different floors of the same building, or even in different buildings can now belong to the same LAN. VLANs are created mainly for administrative purposes to ensure that network traffic is seen only by members of a specific group, rather than by all members of the LAN. This way confidentiality is maintained and additionally nodes are protected from unnecessary traffic. For example, in an enterprise, each department (like Engineering, HR, Accounts etc.) may be maintained as a separate VLAN. Similarly, in a campus or a university network, each department (e.g. maths, physics, computer science etc.) would typically be part of a separate VLAN.

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Cron Jobs

Cron allows Linux and Unix users to run commands or scripts at a given date and time. We can schedule scripts to be executed periodically. Cron is one of the most useful tool in a Linux or UNIX like operating systems. It is usually used for sysadmin jobs such as backups or cleaning /tmp/ directories and more. The cron service runs in the background and constantly checks the /etc/crontab file, and /etc/cron.*/ directories. It also checks the /var/spool/cron/ directory.

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Shared Hosting vs Reseller Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting plans are “single user” plans that are designed for single website applications. This typically is used by a small business that has a single website or an individual looking to host their portfolio site. Shared hosting plans can also host multiple websites using “addon domains”. These are simply sub-directories under the main account with DNS maps which point to them. While hosting multiple sites on a single account, there’s actually a lot of performance & security issues from doing this.

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