WatchMySQL Cpanel Addon

Watch my sql plugins is used to moniter the MYSQL server connection per user. When you are try to connect to the server through Command Line Interface and you receive the message “Too Many Connections” than its very disappointed for you that not knowing who is masticate all the connections.

In this case the WATCHMYSQL demaon is stay connected to the server and moniter the usage of connection per user. If some user is try to make more connection with the server than WATCHMYSQL deamon can either kill that connection or give the alert to you that the particular user is try to make the more connection. Limits of connection can be set per user, per package or globally.

Installation Process

For the installation of WATCHMYSQL Addon you have to log on to your server as a root and run the following command given below:-

#cd /usr/src

#sh latest-watchmysql

Features of Watch my SQL:-

1) Set connection limits by Cpanel user, per package or globally.

2) E-mail alert is received at the admin and at the user.

3) Kill the excessive connection.