Web Hosting and Domain Registration in India

Hosting a website or a blog is pretty much easy nowadays. There are various kinds of web hosting services that one needs to explore, before making the choice. Not to worry. Web hosting simply is asking or buying some space on a web server for your website or your blog.

The very first option is that you may make your own laptop or personal computer as a server. You just should know the right technology and make sure the machine is always on. In case, your machine goes down or you plan to reboot your machine, your website becomes unavailable.

To overcome all this, you could go for servers who provide free hosting. In case it is a personal or a family website that doesn’t require too much of technical options and you are not worried about security and storing data, this would be your ideal choice.

Moving on, you could go for shared hosting, which is low cost. Here your site shares space with a hundred or thousand other websites. This could lead to restricted volume of traffic and support for database and software and compromise for security. For websites that are for small business and have a low amount of traffic, this would be a good choice.

Dedicated hosting is an expensive option that gets your website a dedicated server hosting. You get a whole lot of technical support and good security. This gives you multiple domain names and the perfect option for large businesses that have good traffic. You are responsible for the maintenance of the dedicated server.

Collocated hosting is placing a dedicated server for you in the premises of the service provider. This offers very high bandwidth and unlimited software options. The flip side is that you would need high technical skills to configure the server and can burn quite a hole in the pocket.

Once you have done all this, you need to make your website visible to the users. You can bring in traffic to your website by choosing a name that can attract users to your website. There are many kinds of domains. Domains can further have sub domains which act like domains advikaweb.com is a very commonly used domain name and stands for company. Similarly,.net denotes a network of sites. One can register for the appropriate type of domain that you would want. One can economically host a website and bring in traffic with its domain naming service.