Web Hosting India

A Web Hosting Service is an Internet hosting service which allows websites of organizations as well as individuals to be accessible via World Wide Web.

Web hosting services :

I. They provide space on a server which is either leased out for use or sold to clients.

II. Provide Internet connectivity in a data justify.

III. They also provide data justify space as well as connectivity to the Internet for other servers which are located in their data justify, which is termed as collocation.

IV. Web page and small scale file hosting is done, and these files are uploaded via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or a web interface.

V. The files are uploaded to the web in an ‘as is’ state with minimal processing.

VI. The host also provides an interface for managing the Web server, installing scripts and modules and service applications like e mail. Some hosts are specialized in some particular software or services like e-commerce etc which are mostly used by companies which are outsourcing network infrastructure.

VII. The availability of a website is measured by taking into consideration the percentage of a year for which the website is publicly reachable through the Internet.

VIII. The uptime of a system refers to the system itself being online. Usually a hosting service provider’s SLA might include a certain downtime per year which occurs due to maintenance on the systems. Apart from this scheduled downtime, if availability of a system drops below hat which is signed in the SLA, then the hosting service provider will have to provide some refund for the time lost.

There are certain types of web hosting India Services which are offered by web host service provider:

I. File Hosting Service (they host files and not web pages)

II. Image Hosting Services

III. Shopping Cart Softwares

IV. Video Hosting Services

V. Blog Hosting Services

VI. Asp.Net Hosting

VII. cPanel Web Hosting

VIII. Joomla Web Hosting

IX. Word Press Web Hosting

X. Email Hosting

Things to consider while choosing the Web hosting company

I. Technical specification: Evaluate your disks pace and bandwidth requirements. Reliability, security and availability factors of the service provider. The type of operating systems which are supported.

II. Check for pricing and its value.

III. Cross check support and customer service ratings of the service provider. Check if they are able to provide with good customer care support 24×7. Most reliable service provider would provide customer support through email, calls and online chat.

IV. Guaranteed uptime.