Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is different from traditional hosting models. In cloud hosting, data storage is not confined to a single server but spread across multiple servers. This multiplicity safeguards users from system failures, as failure in one server will prompt another server to continue delivering the service. That too, in an automated mode.

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585/ month

  • CPU - 2 Cores
  • Disk Space - Unmetered
  • RAM - 2 GB
  • Bandwidth - Unmetered
  • Hosted - 1 Website
  • Email Accounts - Unlimited
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715/ month

  • CPU - 4 Cores
  • Disk Space - Unmetered
  • RAM - 4 GB
  • Bandwidth - Unmetered
  • Hosted - Unlimited Websites
  • Email Accounts - Unlimited
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Business Pro

1040/ month

  • CPU - 6 Cores
  • Disk Space - Unmetered
  • RAM - 6 GB
  • Bandwidth - Unmetered
  • Hosted - Unlimited Websites
  • Email Accounts - Unlimited
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Cloud Hosting Features

Cloud computing technologies can be considered as an advanced version of grid computing which functioned on a similar concept of multiple computing resources working together to perform a common function.


Experience incredible performance delivered by our Robust Cloud Hosting Infrastructure and Low Density servers that ensure high resource availability.


Forget all your worries about data loss due to hardware failures - our Cloud Hosting is mirrored across 3 distinct devices on multiple drives and cabinets to ensure seamless transition in the event of any hardware issues.

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Monitor the performance of your hosting and make instant upgrades to ensure that your website always delivers the perfect experience to visitors


Upgrade your CPU and RAM on demand with a single click as your website traffic and complexity grows!

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Websites are Faster on the Cloud

With top-of-the line cloud hosting infrastructure, leveraging high end processors, high performance storage & memory along with clearly defined resource isolation, our new cloud hosting services give you the performance your site is looking for. Our fully integrated caching solution ensures that your site is optimized to deliver content fast while freeing up important compute resources to work on more dynamic requests.

Monitoring website performance was never so easy

Monitor resource utilization on your cloud hosting plan and allocate additional CPU/RAM on demand! Simply click the upgrade button on the control panel for more server resources to be provisioned for your site. No intrusive downtime or platform migration is required and there will be no surprise usage fees on your next hosting bill, you are in complete control!